R/J Florig seeks to maintain a customer oriented company, striving for innovation, enthusiasm and flexibility with our staff, customers and vendors. As a partnership we continually provide improvement and offer extraordinary quality & service.


For over 30 years, R/J Florig Industrial has leveraged experience, integrity, and value for quality, safety, and customer relations to provide first-class industrial and architectural fabrication. As a totally integrated metal working facility, R/J Florig can easily take projects from general fabrication to finishing for paint and final product assembly, making it a single-source outlet for all custom, ornamental and miscellaneous steel requirements. 

Since the company's inception in 1975, brothers Robert and John Florig have built a solid reputation in the greater Philadelphia area for their unique understanding of customers' needs and ability to flawlessly execute and deliver practical and effective solutions- on-time and on-budget. Various architects,  general contractors, artists, end users and fellow fabricators turn to R/J Florig's expertise for their design and fabrication needs.

Our employees are highly trained and adhere to strict AWS & ASME guidelines, as well as rigid internal quality control procedures. Each employee is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most cost-efficient and timely products available in the market.

Our commitment to upholding highly ethical business standards is R/J Florig's most valuable asset and we are dedicated to maintaining that character in all aspects of business. We treat our customers with respect and loyalty; and conduct ourselves according to our core values of honesty, integrity, and uncompromised professionalism.

© 2006 R/J Florig Industrial Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved.

 © 2006 R/J Florig Industrial Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

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